Who Are You Sewing For?

The idea for this post came to me while sewing fishing vests for my two girls.  Whenever I find myself grimacing at wonky top-stitching, my not-very-good hand-stitching or uneven cutting, I ask myself this question.  Who am I sewing for?  Martha Stewart?  The Queen of England?  Heidi Klum?  Nope, nope and nope.  I’m sewing for my kids or me or my Mom or some other random family or friend.  Then I take a deep breath and get out my seam-ripper.  Sometimes I don’t even do that.  Sometimes I just let the wonky part go and move on.


The fishing vests I made my girls. My son didn’t want one. Party pooper. The bottom part of my oldest’s vest was added because the vest wasn’t long enough. When the little one get bigger, I’ll add a bottom to hers too.


I’ve learned something about sewing for the people I love.  They don’t notice the mistakes I make.  Well, sometimes they might.  My nine-year-old noticed when I left a pin in a bag I sewed for her but only three days after she’d begun carrying it to school and only because it poked her.  As long as it fits and it doesn’t itch, they are happy customers.  My husband wears the pajama pants with the weird crotch I made him.  He may have noticed the crotch, but we’ve been married 13 years and he is smart enough not to say anything.  My three-year-old loves the skirt I made her, even though I ran out of material and it’s not as full as the one in the tutorial.

The bag I left a pin in.

The bag I left a pin in.

Weird crotch pajama pants.

Weird crotch pajama pants.


There are some things they do notice, every time, without fail.  They notice the time I’ve taken to make something just for them.  They notice the love I’ve put into everything I make.  They notice colors, pockets, ruffles and appliques.  Best of all, they pay me in smiles, hugs and kisses.  They enjoy what I sew for them and that is what is important.

The kids' pajamas.  No weird smiles.  This was the best pic out of 6 I took.  The little one liked them so much she couldn't contain herself.

The kids’ pajamas. No weird crotches. All smiles. This was the best pic out of 6 I took. The little one liked them so much she couldn’t contain herself.

By the way, if you are sewing for any of the famous people above, I have a couple of questions.  What are you doing reading my blog and will you comment so I can look cool?  Thank you.