Thrifty Ho, Fo’ Sho’

It is all because of my Mother.  She started me down this road of never wanting to throw anything away, trying to find a use for every discarded, ripped, or stained piece of material I come across.  She always told me “Waste not.  Want not.”  We shopped at Goodwill and The DAV and The Salvation Army.  I wore hand-me-downs from other girls at our church and my sisters and sometimes my brothers.  My Mom worked at Cloth World for a while and taught me all about the diamonds in the rough in the remnants bin.  I’ve taken it a step further.  My Mom has a huge supply of fabric that she lets me raid and every trip to the thrift store has me looking for anything that catches my eye.  I always check the remnants and discounted or clearance fabric at Wal-Mart.  My pile of soon-to-be-made-into-something-else-stuff is almost as big as my supply of fabric by the yard and garage sale/thrifted/old sheets.  My scrap box is actually two boxes and they are both overflowing.

I want to do a happy dance every time I’m going through either my scraps or my thrift pile and I find fabric that I didn’t have to buy or that I saved just a little bit of, that I can now use for something else.  There is less pressure to be perfect and less worry about making mistakes when I know that I’ve spent little to no money on the fabric.

Here’s a long sleeve shirt I refashioned into a tank top, two tank tops I refashioned into pillow case tops, two hoodies I refashioned and a sweater I refashioned into a cardigan (I used a tutorial from UCreate).

P1080280 P1080292 P1080291 P1080298 P1080299

With the refashions I do, I’m more confident knowing that I’m redesigning the shirt or the skirt into something better.  If I’m unhappy with the results, that’s okay.  I either didn’t spend much money on my materials or the item I’m refashioning wasn’t being worn in it’s previous form anyway.  I have an obsession right now with turning men’s shirts into skirts or more feminine shirts.  I take old fleece jackets that have a broken zipper or are stained and use them to make animal pillows for my kids.  I took apart an old, ripped pair of my hubby’s jeans and was able to make 4 little girl’s aprons out of them.  I actually enjoy refashioning more than sewing from scratch.  It is so much fun to take something that would’ve gone to the landfill and turn it into something useful again.

Here’s a men’s shirt I refashioned into a halter top (I really love the bow on the back) and three Hawaiian shirts I refashioned into skirts (I used a tutorial from The Renegade Seamstress).

P1080293 P1080294 P1080284 P1080281 P1080285