Plans Change

So….I know I promised pics and stuff, but then my hubby was off of work and then there was Thanksgiving.  I still haven’t played fashion model.  I’m trying to start sewing for Christmas, because I love to surprise my kids with stuff.  I barely finished my daughter’s Dolly and Me skirts for my 10 year old’s birthday.  I’ve had sick kids at home and today we have a snow day.  I can sew when my four year old is home, because she is oblivious and if she does notice something I’m working on, I just make up a story and I’m safe.  My 10 year old and 11 year old are different stories.  They can look at what I’m doing and tell by the fabric or color or shape of something, that I’m making something for them.  I try to lie, but it usually doesn’t work.  We have horrible weather right now, which is another factor in whether I get my Christmas sewing or not.  Last year, I started in October.  This year, October and November were painful, fatigue filled months, with depression and anxiety scattered in.  I will probably have to skip out on some family activities in the coming weeks, just so I can get this done.  

I want to make them all a travel pillow ( and I’ve got them cut out, but I’m appliqueing their initials and one cool thing on each.  I haven’t had printer ink, so I had to hold a blank sheet of paper and trace letters and picture patterns.  I finally have printer ink, which will really save me on my son’s picture.  Boys are so difficult to sew for.  The majority of the tutorials I find are for little boys.  My boy is almost 12.  He likes video games and Pokemon, so I’m trying to find an outline image of a Pokemon or video game character that he will like.

The other project that I want to do is pajama bottoms for each of my kids.  My plan is to have them open them on Christmas Eve and then they can wear them to bed and open their presents in them.  All I need is a little quiet time, with no kids and with better weather.  Or a little helper elf to do the cutting and measuring for me.