Googly Eyed Puff Balls


I made these googly eyed puff balls with my daughters for the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Both girls wore one tied in their hair to school today.



Although it looks like Katie is mad, her frown is from having to pose for a picture, not the Bronco gear.  She dressed herself and even put her own puff ball, which we’re calling Bronco Buddies, in her hair.  Normally she cheers for the Dallas Cowgirls, along with my hubby, but decided to jump on the bandwagon for the Super Bowl.


Dolly and Me skirts

I made my daughters matching skirts with matching skirts for their My Life dolls.  I also made the girls leggings.  The leggings were kind of a bummer and way more trouble than they were worth.  I didn’t use a pattern for them and I’ve never made leggings before, so that didn’t help.  Next time I’ll stop at the skirts and call it good.  I used a tutorial from Make It & Love It ( for the skirts.  My oldest daughter, Katie,  is a reluctant model and the youngest, Emma, was way too hyper to stand the way I told her.  The only reason we got a genuine smile out of Katie, was because my husband stood behind me, acting like he was going to give me a wet willy.  I got the material for the skirts from Walmart’s remnant section and the waistband and legging fabric from my Mom’s stash.  The only cost to me was the thread.  I love doing yoga waistbands because they are so comfy for the girls and really easy to make.  I originally set out to make something for Katie’s birthday, but when I got her skirts cut out, I just had to make Emma some at the same time.  The real payoff came when the girls opened their skirts.  They couldn’t wait to try them on and try them on their dolls.


Happy New Year!

I don’t make resolutions, but I would like to focus more on this blog.  With that in mind, here’s my first post of 2014!

My hubby had way too many t-shirts, so I made him give me some to play with.  I let him choose which ones to give me, and I just happened to luck out that one of his Star Wars tees was too small.  I used a tutorial I found here (  The tutorial is very easy to follow.  I love the way the waistband bottom distracts from my tummy and the boat neck style is tig-ole-bitty friendly.  I’m always looking for tig-ole-bitty friendly refashions.  Anything added to the neckline, tends to make me look like a clown.  I posted two pics because the first one shows my jean jacket refashion, that is currently being refashioned into a Wonder Woman themed jean jacket.  I will post pics when I finish that.  Please excuse the mess of my house.  Three kids + three kittens = no hope of a clean anything.  And my daughter took the pics as we were heading out the door, so they’re a little blurry and I’m asking her if I look okay in the first one, before the camera finished taking the picture.  I’ll have to work on my photography for 2014 as well.

P1080973 P1080974