Bouncing Back

I had a couple of setbacks while making an apron for my Dad for his birthday.  To say I was grumpy would be like calling a habanero pepper hot.  I was biting off heads, wanting to hit something and pretty unpleasant to the hubby, cats and my children.  I did apologize, but my behavior also got me thinking.  If I want to sew more, I need to change the way I respond to failures.  I woke up the next morning, wrote in my positivity journal and started singing the songs I had written in my positivity journal (Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Try Again by Aaliyah).  Then, I found songs to listen to that make me happy or that offer encouragement (a lot of Paramore and The Ting Tings).  Just getting in a more positive state of mind helped me to overcome my mess up and move on to finish the apron.  I really like it and so did my Dad, which means a lot to me.



I also made the apron my Mom is wearing.  I wasn’t planning on giving it to her, unless she really liked it.  Turned out that she loved it.  I loved it, so I’m glad it went to her.  I love the colors and have enough of the main fabric to make myself a skirt, which was why I originally picked the fabric out of her stash.  Now that I think about it, all the fabric pictured came from her stash.  Thanks Mom!  My Dad’s apron was fun, but challenging (hence my psychotic episode).  I wanted to make sure it was manly, but fun.  I did the lettering with the awesome Sharpie fabric markers that my hubby bought me.  They have a brush tip and are so easy to use.  Hopefully you can read the “I TURN GRILLS ON”.  I checked out several tutorials and used all of them to do some part of this apron.

Once you get in a positive mind frame, it’s amazing how every situation becomes a better experience.  Yesterday, I had a design that didn’t pan out.  I was going to give up and take a break and probably think the wasted time to death, sinking further and further into my own head.  Instead, something beautiful happened.  The Ting Ting’s song Day to Day popped into my head.  Suddenly, I found myself singing the song and putting aside the mess and starting something new.