Hanging Hand Towels

These babies are all over ETSY.  I only managed to sell two sets of them, but that worked out fine because I gave the majority of the remaining away as teacher gifts.  Here’s some of them and the thank you cards my four year old helped me create.  My ten year old and twelve year old made their own cards, which they wouldn’t let me see or write anything in.  I called them Party Poopers, so we’re even.

Most of the material I got from my Mom.  The purple with the yellow butterfly came from a sheet from Goodwill.  The dark green came from one of my husband’s old shirts, which I rescued from our yard sale.  I don’t know what that man was thinking when he put any men’s shirts in the yard sale.  The light green with yellow flowers came from an one of my Father-In-Law’s old shirts.  I just love “harvesting” materials from cast offs and Goodwill.  Makes me feel good.






The cards say, “Thank you for hanging in there with me.  I may have been a handful, but you never threw in the towel.”

On the envelopes I did dots of the first letter of the teachers’ names and Emma made the first letter.  Then, on the inside, we traced her hand print and she colored in the hands.  We started with colored pencils and she was just supposed to lightly color it in, but once I got the markers out, she didn’t want to use anything else.  They still turned out cute and I was happy with the results.


Just Do It Already!

I wanted to post more on this blog…but…I look at other blogs and their pictures are so pretty and I just feel inadequate.  Enough of that already!  Who cares?  You tell your kids practice makes perfect.  So practice already!

Wasn’t that a nice trip through my brain?

I have been waiting for lightning to strike my brain for a creative way to post pics of all the fun things I made for my kitchen, but I’ve had nothing for months.  What can I say?  I love the little homey and birdy touches I’ve added to my kitchen and I hope you like them too.




My reversible seat covers. I made my own pattern, which is probably why they aren’t long enough. They are pretty and bright and do a great job of covering the majority of the stained seat cushion. The best part is that they are easy to remove and wash.


I added this banner to the top of my patio door curtain. When I washed the curtain it shrank and the neighborhood kitties that were visiting my back porch were upsetting my kitties.



This is my grocery bag holder. Wasn’t it nice of Milo to pose for me? I had to hang this higher because the kitties and my four year old couldn’t leave it alone. I used this tutorial (link below) from Make It & Love It. I love her blog!


I also made a birdy apron to match.  I posted it here: https://dontworrysewhappy.wordpress.com/2014/03/30/overwhelmed-by-the-possibilities/.  I also made hanging towels, but mine is dirty and I gave the rest away, so I’m waiting on pics from those people.  Then I’ll do a post about making hanging towels.

Remember, creativity takes courage.