I’ve Been Bitten

We went to Denver Comic Con this weekend.  My hubby’s favorite part was meeting Burt Ward, Julie Newmar and Adam West.  My favorite part was buying some prints from Val Hochberg and having her get so giggly that we liked her art.  Made my whole weekend.  Emma loved taking pictures with all the princess cosplayers and making her own super hero stuff in the Kid’s Corral.  Aden and Katie both loved the gaming rooms.  The first day, we wore t-shirts, but immediately wished we had dressed up.  Well, me and the kids, Cam not so much.  Emma was very upset that she didn’t have a costume on.  The next day, Emma was Cinderella and Aden and Katie were both zombies.  I kept trying to get them to do their zombie walks, but they were too shy.  I wore all my Wonder Woman stuff on the second day, including the jacket I embroidered and covered in buttons.  I also wore my knot-hem capris (that’s a whole other post!).  I embroidered the Wonder Woman symbol on the back and also used some gold material to do the in between.  I used iron on stars from Jo’Ann’s for the stars.  I had some gold trim from Goodwill that came with a sewing container with all kinds of little goodies.  The buttons were all from thrift stores or yard sales.



If you can see the green underneath the Wonder Woman symbol, that’s because I tried to use Sharpie fabric markers to do the symbol.  They really are like markers though and the colors blended.  I just used the outline I had drawn from a stencil to do my embroidery.  I still didn’t like the green showing so I attached a large piece of gold fabric with Wonder-Under over the entire design, then machine-stitched lines in between the embroidery.  Then, I pulled gently and cut around the stitches.  It’ll fray more, the more I wash it.




My biggest fear was that one of my knots securing the buttons would come off and then I would have a cascade of really loud metal buttons hitting the concrete floor.  That didn’t happen, thank goodness.  I put all the buttons on the pockets because after adding the red corduroy to the pocket flaps, they were too red.


The last day, we were just too pooped to do anything other than t-shirts.

Seeing all the different costumes really made me want to make my own.  I now understand why people work on their costumes all year long.  I’ve already started on my Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity.



I found these patches at one of the merchant booths this weekend.  I plan on scouring the thrift stores for a mechanics coverall and work boots.





I’ve also been bouncing around an idea to do a cowgirl Wonder Woman.  Red cowgirl boots, jean skirt with bleached stars, gold belt, red and white western shirt, cowgirl hat with a gold band and red star, and of course a gold lasso.

I told my kids they better get their orders in early for next year.  Last minute zombie was pretty easy but I’d rather get them done early.  We’re so excited for next year!


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