Pillowcase Dress

I just made this pillowcase dress for Emma.  She was not in a modeling mood, which is why Mr. Hanger and Ms. Fence had to help me out.  Even after reading several tutorials, I was still surprised at how easy this dress was to make.  I thought about doing a tutorial, which I’ve never done, but there are so many out there already.  So I’ll just brag on myself a little.



I got the pillowcase at Goodwill for a buck.  I hadn’t realized that the pillowcase had two different fabrics on each side until I started cutting.  I used the strip I cut off of the closed side to make the bow (http://www.craftaholicsanonymous.net/how-to-make-fabric-bows-tutorial).  I used the half circle I cut out for the arm hole to make pockets.Image


I machine-stitched the bows on because my hand sewing blows and takes me forever.  I know this bow won’t come off.



I love how this dress came out.  Before I started, Katie didn’t want a pillowcase dress.  After I was finished, she changed her mind.  Yay!!!  I love that seeing how it came out made her want one.  Makes me hold my head up a little higher.


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