Men’s Shirt Refashion

Today, I’m sharing dresses that I made for me and my girls out of men’s Hawaiian shirts and swim shorts.  They are really easy to make.  Mine and Katie’s (in the red) are made out of shirts and Emma’s is made out of swim shorts.  In the pictures we are using them as cover-ups, but we’ve worn them as sun dresses as well.  

The top band is made out of old stretchy knit tank tops of mine.  I just did what you would do for a yoga waistband without the fold-over part.  You could do it either way.  The top bands are all from Victoria’s Secret bra tops that I’ve cut up.  I’ve also salvaged tons of elastic out of my bra tops.  Bra tops and tig-ole-biddies do not go together well.  I always have to wear a bra anyway, so what’s the point?  The girls needed ties to hold up their tops.  

The shorts and the purple shirt I found at Goodwill on half off day for around $2.00.  The red shirt was also a Goodwill find for the same price.  My hubby wore this shirt last summer so it is on it’s third life as Katie’s dress.



My son is the camera man.  I made sure to tell him to please try to take good pictures, not just click without looking this time.  I failed to tell my daughters that we were smiling, not making silly faces.




Emma had to get it out of her system too.





The only nice picture we got came out blurry.  LOL.





Here’s our silly on purpose picture.


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