Work Shirt Upcycle

We are going to the Greeley Independence Stampede ( for dinner and the rodeo with my hubby’s bank tonight.  I’m going to wear one of my skirts that I upcycled from a Hawaiian shirt that I bought at Goodwill.  It has a Western feel with cowboys on horses amongst the flowers.  I’m also wearing an old work shirt I upcycled that has a bank’s name embroidered on it.  I cut off the sleeves, folded the seams back and sewed to finish the arm holes.  Then, to cover the embroidery, I made yo-yos (had to look up the pluralizing of yo-yo) and attached them with buttons.



Up close and personal with the cowboy on a horse.



A close-up of the yo-yo’s and buttons.  You can just barely see the embroidery peeking through.  I may have to attach the edges of the yo-yos later.





I didn’t make the dress Emma is wearing, but she wanted to take a picture too.  I know I’m not really smiling, but I was thinking really hard.  My 10 year old took lots of pictures and this is the best one, even with the blank look in my eyes.


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