Nightgown and T-shirt Upcycle

Nightgown and T-shirt Upcycle

I had an old Betsey Johnson nightgown of mine that I bought at Victoria Secret 8 years ago. It hasn’t fit in years, but it was so pretty that I was holding out hope that it might fit me again someday. My Katie-did loved the colors and saw it in my upcycle pile so I made it into a skirt for her. As a bonus, I got cute straps, lace that I used in my Katie’s pillow case dress and some elastic out of the deconstruction. I cut beneath the bodice of the nightgown, folded down the top to make an elastic casing and added elastic. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. I also upcycled the shrug Katie is wearing by cutting down the front and around the back of Katie’s old t-shirt. Then, I cut little holes along the front and threaded a ribbon through. I forced Katie to pose, even though she had a towel on her head, so I wouldn’t forget to capture this outfit. Isn’t it fun being a Mom?


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