Geeky Upcycle

Our favorite comic shop, Gryphon Games & Comics in Fort Collins, held a garage sale last weekend.  I picked up two t-shirts for $3 a piece.  The first shirt I upcycled was a men’s Witchblade t-shirt.  I turned it into a halter top with a little tie at the bottom front.  The back and the neck I cut 3/4 inch slits on each side and tied them together.  I got the idea from the book Generation T: beyond fashion: 120 new ways to transform a t-shirt.

The second t-shirt was a Pirates of the Caribbean men’s t-shirt.  I turned it into a dress using the bottom hem that I cut off the Witchblade t-shirt and the bottom half of an old tank top.  I used part of this tutorial from Lola Nova for the top and part of this tutorial from Lola Nova for the bottom.  This dress was really fun to make.  I will probably make a couple more.  (That’s a hint to my hubby that it’s time for him to clean out his t-shirt drawer again.)

The drape vest I made the same way I made my green one here.  I ended up cutting off the bottom hem of the green one and this one too.  It just looks better and hangs better.  I used this tutorial by WobiSobi for these.

I almost forgot!  I didn’t get my Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl t-shirt from the garage sale, but I really was tired of it.  It was a hockey style tee with longer sleeves, but being white, it was kind of unflattering.  I used ideas from Pinterest and probably something I saw in Generation T but forgot that’s where I saw it first.  I cut off the sleeves, collar and bottom hem.  I used a couple of pieces from the sleeves to tie the top bands together so they’d stay bunched.  I cut a slit up the front and tapered the bottom a little to make the tie for the front.

The gray and white skirt is also upcycled from a pair of my hubby’s shorts.  He bought them for $3 at Kohl’s and decided he didn’t like them.  That was almost 4 years ago.  I wore them when I was at my heaviest, so they are on their third life as my skirt.  I used this tutorial for this skirt.

I have to thank my children, Aden (12), Katie (10) and Emma (5), for being my camera people.  If they hear me call their names and then see me with the camera in my hands, they groan.


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