No Wallowing Allowed

Yesterday, I had this idea for a dress to sew.  It was going to be super easy and I was going to wear it after I made it.  I quickly realized that the dress was going to take longer than I thought.  I worked on it all day and didn’t finish it.  Last night, walking around my house, I was a little sad.  I like upcycling so much because I normally can finish one or more projects in a day.  This was a sheet into a dress and not finishing it made me look at everything else I could’ve accomplished that day in a blue light.

I woke up this morning with, “Today is going to be great” in my mind.  You have to shake off those feelings of doubt and move on.  Since I didn’t do much cleaning yesterday, today is for cleaning.  I’m sure I’ll think of a solution to my sheet problem while I’m cleaning.  Were I to force myself to work on that sheet till I finished the dress, it would take me twice as long and it wouldn’t be as fun.  The answer will come, I just have to be patient.  I’m going to listen to music, dance and clean.  When the solution hits me, I’ll write it down.  Then, my reward for cleaning will be finishing my new dress.  Here’s to a great day!


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