Dress & Tank Top Upcycle to Colorblock Dress

I made this from two stretchy tank tops and a beach dress, all from Victoria’s Secret, all bra tops.  The beach dress fit but was too small up top.  I cut the skirt off the beach dress.  It originally had some gathers in the front, so I had to put those in again for the side seams to match with the tank tops’ side seams.

I had already cut the bottom 1/3 off of the tank tops to use as modesty panels under tank tops and dresses.  I originally left the turquoise blue tank top as is and just sewed a band of the darker blue to the bottom of the turquoise, then, sewed the skirt onto the dark blue.  I didn’t like the top or the bottom.  I don’t have a picture of that dress, which is a good indication of how much I didn’t like it.

I’ve been visualizing how I wanted the dress to look over the last month.  I wanted the bottom and the top to be asymmetrical, with a tie to provide support and contrast.  I cut the bottom of the skirt at an angle all the way across.  The tank top, I cut at an angle until I got to the middle front and back.  Then, I cut closer to the original tank top edging, so I would still have the original point on the front and back where the strap connects.

I cut close to the original skirt hem all the way around and then cut off one of the original side seams so I would have one long piece of the black.  I sewed the long piece along the top from the point of the front strap to the point of the back strap, like you would bias tape, with the right sides together.  Then, I sandwiched it up, not over and did two parallel (or as parallel as I could get) lines of stitches to hold the black fabric up.  I was worried that I might have some waffling on the top, but I concentrated on letting my machine pull the fabric through and not stretching it and that kept the top from getting stretched out.  I also pinned the bejesus out of it!

At the end of the back point, I cut the remainder of the black fabric off to use for the arm hole that was left.  I folded the remaining black fabric in half, and put the midway point on the side seam and sewed from one point to the other, using the same parallel lines of stitching.

I really like the way it turned out.  I love the colors together and I already had jewelry to match.  There is no better feeling than taking three things that you weren’t wearing and making something new, that you love.  


My kitty Alice decided to join the fun.


With the other arm up. I was trying to see which picture showed the slant at the bottom better.


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