Stuffed Animal Chair

My younger daughter’s bed has been used as extra blanket and stuffed animal storage for a long time.  She normally sleeps with us or with one of her siblings or on the couch.  I knew I had to do something about the stuffed animals if I ever wanted her to sleep in her own bed.  The kids’ rooms are in the basement and the spiders love to hide in the mountain of blankets and stuffed animals.  I don’t blame her for not wanting to sleep in her own bed.  

This might be my most favorite thing I’ve ever sewn.  I found this great tutorial from Googie Momma and used the pattern from Thread Riding Hood.  So much awesomeness!  My printer is out of ink, so I just got the sizing correct on my computer screen with the zoom, held pieces of white computer paper over the screen and traced.

P1100404 P1100407 P1100408

I used a soft flannel that I got from my Mom’s stash and a Care Bear print fleece that I found at Wal-Mart in their remnant bin.  I used soft velcro instead of a zipper because that’s what I had.  I almost used a smaller zipper that I had salvaged from a dress, but realized that I might not be able to fit the larger stuffed animals through the smaller hole.  This is the large version.  We still have three large totes full of stuffed animals.  As we stuffed, I was also thinking that you could stuff one with extra blankets.  Looks like I’ll be making another one or two.  I do have three kids, so I can’t have anyone feeling left out.


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