I’m on the hoarder end of my fabric stash.  I save ALL my scraps…no matter how little.  Thread and fabric scraps alike.  I have a little basket where I put all my cloth and thread scraps for stuffing.  I have all my other scraps color coordinated in a divider I got from my hubby’s work when they were remodeling.  The smaller fabric scraps and ones that are not easier to fold are color coordinated in gallon ziploc bags.

Jars of buttons, ribbon scraps, clothing labels and other various lost things that I'll do something with, someday.  (Sorry hubby, probably not today)

Jars of buttons, ribbon scraps, clothing labels and other various lost things that I’ll do something with, someday. (Sorry hubby, probably not today)

Fabric scraps galore!

Fabric scraps galore!

Trying to be less like a hoarder (yeah right), I made a banner and hoop with scraps and buttons.  I should have mentioned that I also hoard buttons.  I have those color coordinated as well.  This project didn’t really make a dent, but it was fun and looks pretty in my bathroom.  I really like the green and blue next to all our dark wood.  Makes me happy.

I glued buttons to push pins to hang the banner.  The bottom buttons on the string of buttons on the banner are also push pins to keep the buttons showing.  I sewed on all the other buttons with green embroidery floss and reinforced my knots with hot glue.  The banner scraps are tied onto ties from an old heating pad.  If you can’t tell, I just double knotted the scraps to the hoop and the banner.

I’m glad I finally let go of some of my buttons for this project.  They are all just so pretty and unique that I always like to look through them, but can’t bring myself to use any of them.  What did I tell you?  Classic hoarder.  Now that I’ve used them, I get to look at them every day.  I now have plans to make a banner for my living room and kitchen.  Yay scraps!!!  

Banner hanging in my bathroom.

Banner hanging in my bathroom.

Another picture of my banner with the shelf it hangs over.

Another picture of my banner with the shelf it hangs over.

Hoop art with scraps and buttons.

Hoop art with scraps and buttons.


Grecian Goddess Dress


Greetings from Ancient Greece!  Well, not really.  More like Northern Colorado.  This is my sheet upcycle that was giving me such fits the other day.  This sheet came from Goodwill, probably for a buck.  I’ve also made two infinity scarves out of it for my Mom and my hubby’s Grandma.  I love the colors.  I looked at this tutorial, kind of.  The video is really long and my wifi was being persnickety, so I just used the measurements.  I probably needed lighter weight fabric to do this exact tutorial, which is why I was so frustrated.  I love upcycling because it’s quick and I get nearly instant gratification when something goes right.

For this upcycle, I didn’t like the baggy waistband and the way the top was laying.  Again, the fabric was so heavy that it just kind of hung straight down.  Even a belt didn’t support the middle enough to bring it up to my waist.  I cleaned my entire house, except my magnet keeper/kids art/all important papers holder, aka, my fridge.  I even did the ceiling fans.  I find that when my house is cluttered, so is my mind.  Every little thing I notice that needs to be done nags at me and takes my focus away from what I really want to be focusing on.

The answer ended up being an elastic band around the waist, gathers on the shoulder and then part of a green shirt for the belt and the strap gathers.  I love using little pieces of fabric to gather my straps over my breasts.  It pulls all the fullness together and give the girls extra breathing room.  I’m not sure where I’ll wear it, probably on a date night or just around the house because it is SO comfortable.

The extra happy moment came when I realized that the colors matched the pillowcase dresses I made for my girls.  SQUEEEE!!!  I told my hubby that our next family picture outfits were done as long as he and my son could find shirts to match us.  Although, he doesn’t get as into family pictures as I do, so I’ll probably be scouring Goodwill’s racks for them myself.


No Wallowing Allowed

Yesterday, I had this idea for a dress to sew.  It was going to be super easy and I was going to wear it after I made it.  I quickly realized that the dress was going to take longer than I thought.  I worked on it all day and didn’t finish it.  Last night, walking around my house, I was a little sad.  I like upcycling so much because I normally can finish one or more projects in a day.  This was a sheet into a dress and not finishing it made me look at everything else I could’ve accomplished that day in a blue light.

I woke up this morning with, “Today is going to be great” in my mind.  You have to shake off those feelings of doubt and move on.  Since I didn’t do much cleaning yesterday, today is for cleaning.  I’m sure I’ll think of a solution to my sheet problem while I’m cleaning.  Were I to force myself to work on that sheet till I finished the dress, it would take me twice as long and it wouldn’t be as fun.  The answer will come, I just have to be patient.  I’m going to listen to music, dance and clean.  When the solution hits me, I’ll write it down.  Then, my reward for cleaning will be finishing my new dress.  Here’s to a great day!

Happy Independence Day America!

This post is a day early so I don’t forget to grab a picture of myself tomorrow to share.  We’re off to the amusement park for the holiday.  I’d like to take a moment to thank all the men and women who have given their time and their lives protecting our great country.

I upcycled one of my hubby’s t-shirts that he didn’t wear anymore for my red, white and blue attire.  The shirt already had the American Flag painted on it.  I wish I’d thought of taking a picture of this earlier.  I entered this contest at Skirt Fixation with three other projects and this one would’ve been perfect!  I made it almost the same way I made the Witchblade upcycle that I shared yesterday.  I made little bands to hold the top two ties together and I didn’t do a tie back.  This t-shirt has little stretch and wasn’t big enough to do that.  I left the bottom hem on and pulled the fabric towards the front and secured it with an American Flag pin I had lying around.  


I hope you can also see my button earrings and necklace.  I found these buttons in one of the huge button collections my Father-in-Law bought me earlier this Spring.  I’m about to work on some possible shoes to wear with all of the red, white and blue.

Hope you all have a happy and safe Independence Day.

Geeky Upcycle

Our favorite comic shop, Gryphon Games & Comics in Fort Collins, held a garage sale last weekend.  I picked up two t-shirts for $3 a piece.  The first shirt I upcycled was a men’s Witchblade t-shirt.  I turned it into a … Continue reading

Shirt into Shrug

The other day I came up with a way to turn a shirt into a shrug on accident.  I was playing with a men’s shirt upcycle where I cut off the men’s shirt from the back yoke, around to the front and then straight across the front beneath the armpit.  I was going to add different fabrics to the bottom of the yoke and the front.  I may still do that.  Once I undid the buttons, I realized I had a T-shape.  I’ve looked at lots of shrug tutorials and several of them have you cutting your fabric into a T-shape.  I’ve never done it though.Image 

I finished off the raw edges and then played around with pinning the edges together.  You end up putting the shirt on upside down with the front of the shirt making the sides.  I’m also wearing the skirt I refashioned from a long jean jacket.  I added the rectangle of fabric squares on the side.  I don’t know if you can see it in the back, but there are a couple of the buttons left in the back that were for adjusting the coat that I left.  They are nice to have because they hold my belt in place along the back.


Please ignore the less than straight mess at the back of my head.  I’m practicing straightening my hair.  I haven’t done it in years.  The shoes I’m wearing, I’ve had forever.  They are A 2’s and super comfortable.  The shirt I thrifted last year, I believe from Goodwill.  It’s got a stain on the breast and I’ve contemplated dyeing it, but the stain bugs my hubby more than it bugs me.  The belt I got from my Father-in-law and Mother-in-law.  They got it from a yard sale along with some costume jewelry for my daughters.  I ended up keeping the belt and some other bracelets because the girls didn’t like them.  Thanks Gpa and Gma!

While I’m on the subject, I really do need to thank my Mom and my Father-in-Law and both Mothers-in-Law.  They are always encouraging and always finding me great deals.  My Mom lets me have all the fabric I want from her stash.  My Texas Mother-in-Law sent me her old Scrabble game to play with.  My Colorado Father-in-Law and Mother-in-Law always find me stuff at yard sales, including two big jars of buttons that an older lady had been collecting for years.

Work Shirt Upcycle

We are going to the Greeley Independence Stampede ( for dinner and the rodeo with my hubby’s bank tonight.  I’m going to wear one of my skirts that I upcycled from a Hawaiian shirt that I bought at Goodwill.  It has a Western feel with cowboys on horses amongst the flowers.  I’m also wearing an old work shirt I upcycled that has a bank’s name embroidered on it.  I cut off the sleeves, folded the seams back and sewed to finish the arm holes.  Then, to cover the embroidery, I made yo-yos (had to look up the pluralizing of yo-yo) and attached them with buttons.



Up close and personal with the cowboy on a horse.



A close-up of the yo-yo’s and buttons.  You can just barely see the embroidery peeking through.  I may have to attach the edges of the yo-yos later.





I didn’t make the dress Emma is wearing, but she wanted to take a picture too.  I know I’m not really smiling, but I was thinking really hard.  My 10 year old took lots of pictures and this is the best one, even with the blank look in my eyes.