Geeky Upcycle

Our favorite comic shop, Gryphon Games & Comics in Fort Collins, held a garage sale last weekend.  I picked up two t-shirts for $3 a piece.  The first shirt I upcycled was a men’s Witchblade t-shirt.  I turned it into a … Continue reading

Hanging Hand Towels

These babies are all over ETSY.  I only managed to sell two sets of them, but that worked out fine because I gave the majority of the remaining away as teacher gifts.  Here’s some of them and the thank you cards my four year old helped me create.  My ten year old and twelve year old made their own cards, which they wouldn’t let me see or write anything in.  I called them Party Poopers, so we’re even.

Most of the material I got from my Mom.  The purple with the yellow butterfly came from a sheet from Goodwill.  The dark green came from one of my husband’s old shirts, which I rescued from our yard sale.  I don’t know what that man was thinking when he put any men’s shirts in the yard sale.  The light green with yellow flowers came from an one of my Father-In-Law’s old shirts.  I just love “harvesting” materials from cast offs and Goodwill.  Makes me feel good.






The cards say, “Thank you for hanging in there with me.  I may have been a handful, but you never threw in the towel.”

On the envelopes I did dots of the first letter of the teachers’ names and Emma made the first letter.  Then, on the inside, we traced her hand print and she colored in the hands.  We started with colored pencils and she was just supposed to lightly color it in, but once I got the markers out, she didn’t want to use anything else.  They still turned out cute and I was happy with the results.

Plans Change

So….I know I promised pics and stuff, but then my hubby was off of work and then there was Thanksgiving.  I still haven’t played fashion model.  I’m trying to start sewing for Christmas, because I love to surprise my kids with stuff.  I barely finished my daughter’s Dolly and Me skirts for my 10 year old’s birthday.  I’ve had sick kids at home and today we have a snow day.  I can sew when my four year old is home, because she is oblivious and if she does notice something I’m working on, I just make up a story and I’m safe.  My 10 year old and 11 year old are different stories.  They can look at what I’m doing and tell by the fabric or color or shape of something, that I’m making something for them.  I try to lie, but it usually doesn’t work.  We have horrible weather right now, which is another factor in whether I get my Christmas sewing or not.  Last year, I started in October.  This year, October and November were painful, fatigue filled months, with depression and anxiety scattered in.  I will probably have to skip out on some family activities in the coming weeks, just so I can get this done.  

I want to make them all a travel pillow ( and I’ve got them cut out, but I’m appliqueing their initials and one cool thing on each.  I haven’t had printer ink, so I had to hold a blank sheet of paper and trace letters and picture patterns.  I finally have printer ink, which will really save me on my son’s picture.  Boys are so difficult to sew for.  The majority of the tutorials I find are for little boys.  My boy is almost 12.  He likes video games and Pokemon, so I’m trying to find an outline image of a Pokemon or video game character that he will like.

The other project that I want to do is pajama bottoms for each of my kids.  My plan is to have them open them on Christmas Eve and then they can wear them to bed and open their presents in them.  All I need is a little quiet time, with no kids and with better weather.  Or a little helper elf to do the cutting and measuring for me.

I’ve Been Down…

…But, I’m back up!  I have projects that I want to share, but my camera is kaput and so I have to use my hubby’s phone and I haven’t got around to playing fashion model yet.  I also have to clean off the mirror, because my four year old puts on lip gloss and kisses herself in every mirror in the house.

Right now I’m working on t-shirt refashions and Christmas presents.  I still haven’t started any button specific crafts, because I start going through the buttons and I get distracted.  I think I might be a supply hoarder.  I have lots to use but I like them so much I don’t want to let them go.  I know.  I’m weird.

I let my daughter pick a tutorial for us to sew together.  She picked a tutorial for a t-shirt for her My Life doll.  Halfway through, I told her, “I’d rather buy your doll a shirt than continue with this project.”  The fabric wasn’t cooperating.  She was getting frustrated as well and didn’t mind leaving it with an unfinished neckline.  When she tried to put it on her doll, it was too small anyway.  It is now a cardigan for one of her Beanie Boos.

I just remembered why I started this post.  I was thinking, as I was sewing, about how much easier it is to sew when the kids aren’t home.  Kind of a no brainer, but here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. I can sing along to my iPod, as loud as I want.
  2. If I keep the shades closed, I can make something for me and not have to put another shirt on in between adjustments.  Essentially, I can sew in my bra or underwear.
  3. I can work on anything I don’t want them to see, without having to banish them downstairs, keeping one ear or eye open for any ninja spies.
  4. I don’t have to answer any questions like, “What are you making?”, “Who is that for?”, “How did you do that?”, “Why did you do that?”, “Will you make me this?”, and the list goes on.  Sometimes, when I’m in the sew-zone, I don’t like to be interrupted.  I love my children, but sometimes, they ask way too many questions.
  5. I’m so much more excited to show them what I’ve made when they haven’t seen the process.  I love to watch their eyes light up and I love to surprise them with something out of nowhere.

There are some downsides to sewing without them at home:

  1. I can’t ask their opinion on something.  I know I said I like to be in my sew-zone, but sometimes I need my ten year old daughter’s brutal honesty and before I start anything for my eleven year old son, I run it by him first.  Also, they always amaze me with the things they come up with.  When I wasn’t feeling well enough to make clothes for their stuffed animals for them and they HAD to have clothes, they went through my scraps and used a stapler to put the clothes together.  Patterns?  They don’t need no stinking patterns!
  2. It is really hard to make clothes for them, without them there to try them on between steps.  Skirts are easy and I don’t need them for those.  Yesterday, I made both girls a pair of leggings, using a store-bought pair of leggings for the pattern.  I was going to surprise them but I could tell that I was going to have to revise my strategy.  So I had to wait until they were home.  I’m not very patient.

I’m going to play fashion model and get some pictures taken this weekend, and then I’ll catch up on my posts.