Shabby Geek

We have lived in our house for 13 years.  We have never had bedroom curtains.  Until this last year, we didn’t even really have anything hanging on our bedroom walls.

Then, something epic happened.

My Mom gave me a comforter that she got from a friend and we went through totes in the garage for a garage sale.  In one of those totes, we found old Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back sheets that my Mom found at a thrift store.  The comforter matches the sheets perfectly!  

Here's the bedspread and the fitted sheet that I didn't use because it was really worn.  I'm thinking about using the edges, where it's in better shape, to make a dust ruffle.

Here’s the bedspread and the fitted sheet that I didn’t use because it was really worn. I’m thinking about using the edges, where it’s in better shape, to make a dust ruffle.

The result:


The middle portion is also part of a thrifted sheet.


I am so freakin’ proud of myself right now.

The sheets are really old and thin and even had holes in some places, but to me, that just makes them cooler.

I love to think that some little boy or little girl used these sheets and loved them so much that their Mom had to make up some story about why they suddenly had different sheets.

I also love that someone donated these, even with the holes.  One woman’s trash is another woman’s totally-freakin’-awesome-Star-Wars-curtains.

I cut the flat sheet into six sections, took out the top hem so I could hem all the sides, then hemmed all the tops and bottoms.  Had to do a little math to get them all the same length, since three of the panels already had a top and three already had a bottom.

The sides also seemed to have a selvage edge that made some of the hemming on the side wonky, but you can’t tell when they’re hanging.

I’ll take shabby geek over shabby chic any day!


Grecian Goddess Dress


Greetings from Ancient Greece!  Well, not really.  More like Northern Colorado.  This is my sheet upcycle that was giving me such fits the other day.  This sheet came from Goodwill, probably for a buck.  I’ve also made two infinity scarves out of it for my Mom and my hubby’s Grandma.  I love the colors.  I looked at this tutorial, kind of.  The video is really long and my wifi was being persnickety, so I just used the measurements.  I probably needed lighter weight fabric to do this exact tutorial, which is why I was so frustrated.  I love upcycling because it’s quick and I get nearly instant gratification when something goes right.

For this upcycle, I didn’t like the baggy waistband and the way the top was laying.  Again, the fabric was so heavy that it just kind of hung straight down.  Even a belt didn’t support the middle enough to bring it up to my waist.  I cleaned my entire house, except my magnet keeper/kids art/all important papers holder, aka, my fridge.  I even did the ceiling fans.  I find that when my house is cluttered, so is my mind.  Every little thing I notice that needs to be done nags at me and takes my focus away from what I really want to be focusing on.

The answer ended up being an elastic band around the waist, gathers on the shoulder and then part of a green shirt for the belt and the strap gathers.  I love using little pieces of fabric to gather my straps over my breasts.  It pulls all the fullness together and give the girls extra breathing room.  I’m not sure where I’ll wear it, probably on a date night or just around the house because it is SO comfortable.

The extra happy moment came when I realized that the colors matched the pillowcase dresses I made for my girls.  SQUEEEE!!!  I told my hubby that our next family picture outfits were done as long as he and my son could find shirts to match us.  Although, he doesn’t get as into family pictures as I do, so I’ll probably be scouring Goodwill’s racks for them myself.


Cute as a Button


I’ve got a craft-hard-on for buttons right now.  I haven’t actually started making anything yet, but I’ve been finding a ton of buttons at thrift stores.  I’ve also saved the extra buttons from clothes since high school.  That’s 20 years of buttons.  My husband has started making snide remarks about whether I am actually going to make anything out of all these buttons that I keep geeking over.  I’ve pinned a ton of projects for inspiration.  The first project will be a shadow box that I got for $2 at Goodwill.  I’m planning on making a “Don’t Worry, Sew Happy” collage.  I’ll post it when I finish.

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If you are ever in the Northern Colorado area, check out all the antique stores in Ault.  We have several on the main drag and they are all owned by friendly people.  If you are coming from Fort Collins, just head East on Mulberry, which turns into Highway 14.  It’s about a 15 minute drive.  If you are coming from Greeley, just head North on Highway 85.  Turn left at the light.  It’s about a 20 minute drive.

I also like Alley Arts and Antiques in Eaton.  Eaton is 3 miles South of Ault on Highway 85.

Thrifty Ho, Fo’ Sho’

It is all because of my Mother.  She started me down this road of never wanting to throw anything away, trying to find a use for every discarded, ripped, or stained piece of material I come across.  She always told me “Waste not.  Want not.”  We shopped at Goodwill and The DAV and The Salvation Army.  I wore hand-me-downs from other girls at our church and my sisters and sometimes my brothers.  My Mom worked at Cloth World for a while and taught me all about the diamonds in the rough in the remnants bin.  I’ve taken it a step further.  My Mom has a huge supply of fabric that she lets me raid and every trip to the thrift store has me looking for anything that catches my eye.  I always check the remnants and discounted or clearance fabric at Wal-Mart.  My pile of soon-to-be-made-into-something-else-stuff is almost as big as my supply of fabric by the yard and garage sale/thrifted/old sheets.  My scrap box is actually two boxes and they are both overflowing.

I want to do a happy dance every time I’m going through either my scraps or my thrift pile and I find fabric that I didn’t have to buy or that I saved just a little bit of, that I can now use for something else.  There is less pressure to be perfect and less worry about making mistakes when I know that I’ve spent little to no money on the fabric.

Here’s a long sleeve shirt I refashioned into a tank top, two tank tops I refashioned into pillow case tops, two hoodies I refashioned and a sweater I refashioned into a cardigan (I used a tutorial from UCreate).

P1080280 P1080292 P1080291 P1080298 P1080299

With the refashions I do, I’m more confident knowing that I’m redesigning the shirt or the skirt into something better.  If I’m unhappy with the results, that’s okay.  I either didn’t spend much money on my materials or the item I’m refashioning wasn’t being worn in it’s previous form anyway.  I have an obsession right now with turning men’s shirts into skirts or more feminine shirts.  I take old fleece jackets that have a broken zipper or are stained and use them to make animal pillows for my kids.  I took apart an old, ripped pair of my hubby’s jeans and was able to make 4 little girl’s aprons out of them.  I actually enjoy refashioning more than sewing from scratch.  It is so much fun to take something that would’ve gone to the landfill and turn it into something useful again.

Here’s a men’s shirt I refashioned into a halter top (I really love the bow on the back) and three Hawaiian shirts I refashioned into skirts (I used a tutorial from The Renegade Seamstress).

P1080293 P1080294 P1080284 P1080281 P1080285